Spencer teaches the importance of our identity being rooted in the Word of God. 1 Sam. 16, Matt. 5, Jn. 12, Is. 60
Spencer examines some lessons that the life of Gideon can teach us about walking with God and partnering with his promises over our lives. Judges 6, 7
From the lives of Kings Saul and Belshazzar, Aaron shares some insight as to how we can walk in the fullness of what God has called us to. Daniel 5:1-23, 1 Samuel 15:22-23
Aaron and Spencer exhort the Church, from Paul’s writings, concerning the operation of spiritual gifts. 1 Corinthians 12, Ephesians 4
Aaron and Spencer share what the Lord has been showing them from the 13th chapter of Romans.
Aaron encourages the church to not be like those standing outside the house who got in the way of the man’s healing. Be a friend.
Spencer shares a timely word about the season of 40 being over. When we study the Bible, God did important work in seasons of 40–40 days, weeks, years, etc. Although the time spent in the 40 usually is unpleasant, what comes after it could not have happened otherwise. Be encouraged!
Spencer encourages not only Parker City Christ Fellowship, but any church today who finds themself in the place of the church at Thyatira. Revelation 2:18-29
Aaron shares from Ephesians chapter 4 underscoring the importance of all believers walking in the fullness of their callings.
Spencer examines what the account of David fighting Goliath teaches us about wisdom, power, and fear.
Georgine Christensen shares from Joseph’s life and New Testament writings about the importance of persevering through trials to receive the fullness of our reward – Jesus fully revealed.
Pastor Robert Morey shares before communion – July 7, 2019
Aaron shares how an awakened heart is a quiet heart, even and especially in the midst of noise, it trusts God and believes. Ps. 46:10, Ps. 4:3-8
Aaron shares from his heart about walking in the Kingdom of Heaven along side other believers.
Our Divine Calling – Ephesians 4
2 Kings 4:1-37
The Lord’s Church – 1 Corinthians 11:23-32, Jeremiah 29:11-13
Blessings and Curses – Duet. 28
Waiting Upon God – Fayetteville, WV, July 5-7 2019 – Pastor Michael Douglas
The Valley of Kidron – John 18:1
Aaron Simms shares a call to repentance – Jeremiah & Isaiah
The Gospel of the Kingdom – Romans 14:17
You are the light of the world – Matthew 5:14-16
Our Father – Matthew 6:9-15
Our Words are Powerful – James 3:1, Joshua 1:1,2
Faith, Fear, and Firm Foundations – Hebrews 10:36
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